How to choose the best casino online?

Rating of the best licensed online casinos, accepting players from Russia. For convenience, select the right settings in the filters on the right-support for the Russian language and the Russian ruble, all the rest, if desired. Important! If you use a VPN or extension in a browser (to hide your real location) – select the country USA in the upper right filter to display a list of casinos accepting players from USA.

Rating of online casinos, how we compile a list of the best online casinos with licenses

Count all licensed online casinos, both legal and those that are masked for them, is impossible. Only clones of the Volcano will be counted several dozen if not hundreds. The player in a cursory analysis of the casino simply can not distinguish a fake from this casino, outwardly similarity is almost 100%.

Faced with a fraudulent project, the player reduces the probability of winning to zero, with the same success you can simply throw money into the trash can. Our rating is created in order to weed out scammers and allow you to choose only honest casinos and enjoy the game.

The general principle of rating of licensed online casinos

When ranking, you have to solve several tasks:

  • form a set of criteria for evaluation;
  • give weight to each of the parameters;
  • make the rating automatically changing and guarantee the impossibility of changes on the part of the administration.

Consider the calculation algorithm takes into account a lot of non-obvious at first glance factors. I will give a couple of examples:

  • licenses from different regulators are given equal weight, that is, if the casino received 2 licenses, it will be higher in this parameter than a competitor with 1 license;
  • reviews and reactions from the casino itself. If the reviews are good and the representative of the casino actively responds to the requests of players, then the casino gets a significant plus in the rating;
  • methods of replenishment of account are considered. But you can not “wind” the rating by simply adding as many ways to deposit funds into your account. The algorithm takes into account the popularity of different ways of replenishing the account. So, support for Mastercard and Visa gives more than support for any local payment systems;
  • the algorithm necessarily takes into account which software (soft casino) is used. Only casinos that use licensed software are included in the rating. Many of the sites that are just trying to betray themselves as casinos, only masquerade as them. There own software is used and site administrators can manually adjust the probability of winning. That is, you do not even have a theoretical probability of catching luck by the tail;
  • Features of the calculation can be listed for a long time. Please note that all criteria are taken into account in the complex. That is, if the casino is not bad with licenses, a licensed software is used, but there are not enough reviews, it will not allow it to rise to the first place on the list. So only those who really do not have weaknesses get to the top.

Directly from the rating, you can go directly to the casino website by clicking on the “Play” button. It is possible and with detailed reviews on it can be found.


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How useful is the rating?

The benefit of our casino rating is that it is guaranteed to screen out scammers, they just do not pass the selection screen. Therefore, if you select a casino from the top of the list, you are guaranteed not to face deception on his part. If you are lucky and can win, then the money will be withdrawn without any problems.

Another advantage of the rating is that it is obvious. You do not need to analyze the casino yourself, which is not so easy to do. It’s enough just to expose the necessary filters and immediately find out who you can deal with.

Take into account that the list is constantly updated. Casinos develop, new players enter the market, a new software for them is created, the ratio of positive and negative reviews changes. All these nuances we take into account when calculating the positions of participants in the rating.

All gaming sites look bright, with design problems. When a novice player encounters an example such as the one in the screenshot above, he does not think that it can be a hoax. At the bottom of the page is guaranteed to find a mention that this is almost the best casino on the net. Can and some certificate of receipt of the award (often fake) to place.

Only a small part of the players at this stage is engaged in analysis. Most do not check whether the casino is actually licensed from these regulators, whether or not the awards were actually received. A full-fledged analysis takes a long time. We need to evaluate also the feedback of other players, be able to weed out false information from the true.

Automatically calculated rating all these tasks for you. All you need is to allocate the necessary filters and everything.